Novena honoring Mary Help of Christians - Day 8


"The fullness of love in all the mothers of this earth could never equal the love Mary has for each one of us."
(Don Bosco)

Dear Mother, teach us your own special love
for the little ones and the poor,
for the excluded and those who suffer,
for sinners and those who have lost heart.
Gather all people under your protection,
and entrust us all to your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.
(Pope Francis)

Novena Honoring Mary Help of Christians - Day 7


One of Don Bosco's last messages to his Salesians:
"The protection of Our Lady, Help of Christians, will always be with you."

Dear Mother, hold our life in your arms:
bless and strengthen every desire for good;
revive and nourish faith;
sustain and enlighten hope;
awaken and animate charity;
guide all of us along the path of holiness.
(Pope Francis)


Novena honoring Mary Help of Christians - Day 6

"Entrust everything to Mary, especially your soul" (Don Bosco)

Prayer: Dear Mother, let us humbly attain your sweet gaze,
and gratefully receive the consoling caress of your smile.
(Pope Francis)

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Novena Honoring Mary Help of Christians - Day 5

After the death of his mother, Mama Margaret, Don Bosco knelt at the foot of the image of Our Lady of Consolation in Turin, and said, "And now You must take her place. My great family is motherless. I give them to You; watch over them, soul and body."

Dear Mother, we are certain that each one of us is precious in your eyes, and that everything in our hearts is your concern too. (Pope Francis)
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Novena honoring Mary Help of Christians - Day 4

"Don't be afraid. Our Lady will send us all that is necessary" (Don Bosco)

Dear Mother, accept with the benevolence of a Mother
this act of consecration that we make in faith today,
before your image, so beloved to us.
(Pope Francis)

In your prayer, please kindly include the well-being of our brother, Salesian Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil, who was abducted by armed men in Yemen in March 2016, and remains missing, and that he might soon be released.